This Release, Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement is made by and between the undersigned (Client) and Studio40 Fitness, and entered into on the day month and year when Client first signed up as a Studio40 member.

Studio40 Fitness provides space for instruction in the Lagree Pilates Method of physical conditioning and other types of group and personal exercise programs. The parties to this agreement recognize that participation in this activity could lead to physical injury to the Client.

Client desires to undertake Studio40 Fitness program with the full knowledge of the possibility that physical injuries could result from it and assumes the risk of any such injury.

The parties recognize that Studio40 Fitness will not be able to provide its program to Client without the execution of the agreement.

Therefore, the Client in consideration of the above and the exercise classes to be provided, hereby waives all claims for damage or loss to person or property which may be caused by any act, or failure to act of Studio40 Fitness instructors, staff or employees. Client assumes risk of all dangerous conditions in and around the premises and waives any and all specific notice of the existence of such conditions. Client also assumes the risk of any and all injuries that might result from participating in Studio40 Fitness exercise programs.

Client acknowledges he/she has enrolled in a program of physical activity including but not limited to the use of various Pilates machinery offered by Studio40 Fitness. He/she understand that participation in the Lagree Pilates Method of exercise and conditioning activities, like any physical conditioning activity or exercise program, presents some unavoidable risk of injury, especially to people who have pre-existing injuries, muscle/movement patterns, illness or medical disabilities.

Client hereby affirms that he/she has and will keep Studio40 Fitness staff informed of any existing physical condition or disability which would prevent or limit my participation in an exercise or physical-conditioning program. Client will also keep Studio40 Fitness informed of any physical condition or disability arising from my participation in the exercise program.

In consideration of my participation in Studio40 Fitness exercise program, Client, his/her heirs and assignees, herby release Studio40 Fitness (its employees and owners), from any claims, demands and causes of action arising from my participation in the exercise program.

Client fully understands that he/she may injure him/herself as a result of my participation in Studio40 Fitness exercise program and I hereby release Studio40 Fitness (its employees and owners) from any liability, now and in the future, including but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains/pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back/foot injuries and any other illness, soreness, or injury however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the exercise program.

Client and his/her heirs, personal representatives and assignees, hereby releases, waives, covenant not to sue, and forever discharges Studio40 Fitness and its owners, officers, directors, agents, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, rights, causes of action, judgments, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) or other liability of whatsoever kind or nature resulting from my participation in or in any way connected with the program(s) and/or use of the facilities or equipment of Studio40 Fitness, including but not limited to, any and all bodily and personal injuries (including death) or damage to property.

Client hereby affirms that he/she has read and fully understand the above, is over eighteen years of age, or is a legally emancipated minor.

Cancellation Policy:

Studio40 Fitness cancellation policy requires that you cancel a class at least 24 hours before class time. If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty. However, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours, a $10 cancellation fee apply. Please read below for details.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class.
Grip socks are required, and they can be purchased at the studio.
In case of last-minute instructor illness or emergency, we will make every attempt to find a replacement instructor or notify you of class cancellation. If any class is cancelled at the last minute, client will not be charged for that class.
Studio40 Fitness has the right to cancel, or combine with another class time, any class with 2 or fewer clients enrolled. You will be given adequate notification via email, phone call or text message if this occurs.

Purchase Policy:
Payment for all services are in advance.
We accept Visa and MasterCard, and Discover.
One month unlimited passes expire 30 days from the date of first visit.
Auto-Pay memberships can be placed on a 'Hold' once per year for a maximum of 30 Days. Must be arranged with management at least 30 days in advance.
Refund Policy:
No refunds will be given for classes or merchandise. Merchandize can be exchanged only. Under special circumstances refunds may be considered and approved by management.
General Terms and Conditions:
Prior to any training session, a Waiver of Liability must be completely filled out and signed.
Please be courteous and quiet while sessions are in progress.
We kindly ask that you turn off your cell phone before classes begin, to avoid interruptions to you and others during their sessions. We understand emergencies can occur, if you need to keep your cell phone on for any reason, please notify your instructor prior to class starting.
Please refrain from wearing strong scents or perfumes to class.
No children are allowed in the studio unless prior arrangements have been made with management.
Privacy Policy:
What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our blog, website or app?
When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, phone number, City/State/ZIP Code or other details to help you with your experience.
When do we collect information?
We collect information from you when you fill out a form or enter information on our site.
How do we use your information?
We may use the information we collect from you when you register, provide your email address or phone number or any other contact information, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways:

• To contact you regarding scheduling, class reminders, promotions, specials, or in other ways related to the Club Pilates business.
• To provide to third parties that may contact you on behalf, in connection with the Club Pilates business.
• To administer a contest, promotion, survey or other site feature.
• To send periodic emails regarding your order or other products and services.