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Studio40 offering pilates classes in Poway & combining Lagree cardio and resistance training to strengthen and tighten the body.

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pilates classes in poway
pilates classes in poway
An innovative High-Intensity Low Impact Workout

Pilates Classes in Poway

Studio40 Fitness is an all-inclusive health center that provides you with an effective, full-body workout. We don’t believe in spending countless hours in the gym to get in shape. You simply need 40 minutes for our pilates classes in Poway.

The professional and encouraging instructors guarantee that you get the most of each class. Our studio utilizes the Lagree Fitness Method™ to help you maximize your full health potential. Pilates classes incorporate strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility, and core training movements that will stimulate fat loss and muscle growth.

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The Lagree Method™

Studio40 offers the Lagree Fitness Method™, a workout developed by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree. Unlike other types of exercises, Lagree is a low impact full-body workout that works for total conditioning. Classes are delivered on the leading-edge M3 Megaformer and focus on slow, resistance-based movements, which stimulate the muscles for longer and attain leaner results.

Full Body Workout


Lagree Fitness classes focus on slow, controlled movements that works multiple muscle groups at once. With the Megaformer, you are using full-body movements that keep your heart rate up and muscles moving the entire class time. Our class will push your limits, unleashing a stronger you both inside and out.

Made for Everyone


Our classes accommodate all fitness levels, ages, and body types. We all started as beginners once, so just know that exercises can be modified to reduce or increase intensity. Our team wants to ensure that everyone gets in a safe and valuable workout.

Quick & Effective


Although Lagree Fitness classes move slower movements, they carry shorter transition times between exercises. These shorter transition times lead to quicker muscle burnout and a shorter workout, that can help you burn anywhere between 500 to 800 calories. Since the muscles are continuously put under tension, there is less opportunity for injury.


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